Siberian Health Corporation was founded in 1996 in Novosibirsk, Russia. Every year since founding the corporation we have been vigorously developing and producing an extensive line of biologically active dietary supplements and skin care products. Our products are based on many years of scientific researches of unique properties of medicinal herbs from the Baikal Lake and Altai Mountains.

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• Clearways formula 1 cleansing of the extracellular medium
• Clearways formula 2 intracellular cleansing
• Clearways formula 3 antioxidant cell protection
• Price: $39.50
• Detailed Info: Siberian Health USA

Manufactured by:
Laboratory of Modern Health, LLC
11/20 Khimzadovskaya St., Berdsk, Novosibirsk district, Russia, 633004
Distributed by:
Siberian Health International, LLC
1408 Avenue X, Brooklyn NY 11235
Phone: (646)755-3800

RENAISSANCE TRIPLE SET represents a new approach to whole body support, maintenance, and health. Enviromental pollution, unhealthy diet, tobacco smoking, alcohol intake, stress and illnesses impose a heavy burden on our bodies. Toxic chemicals and poisons in the environment can lead to poor health.
RENAISSANCE TRIPLE SET helps to support the body's natural detoxifying functions and systems to maintain overall health, using a completely new 3-dimensional approach.

Clearways Formula 1 is a complex of medicinal herbs cleansing the space surrounding cells। In a human body, each cell is surrounded by intracellular fluid. This fluid gets continuously replaced, whereas the used intracellular fluid gets excreted together with the waste dissolved in it via a network of special ducts; these may be lymph, bile, urinary and other ducts. Clearways engages all these systems to ensure the most effective cleansing of intracellular space.
saussurea extract, senna extract, echinacea extract, herb of hare’s ear, herb of marsh cinquefoil, horsetail, clover, cowberry leaves, licorice root, burnet root, sweet vetch root, burdock root, strawflowers, linden blossoms, S t. John’s Wort, common knotgrass.
60 capsules
Recommended use: take two capsules each morning with food or water.

Clearways Formula 2. For all its effectiveness, body cleansing via the liver, kidneys, lymphatic and other extracellular systems is no longer considered sufficient to keep the body internally clean. The extracellular space may be clean, but the cells themselves remain overburdened with waste products. T herefore, when cleansing the intracellular space, we should take care to make the cells clean too. Firstly, all the harmful substances found in the cells should be detoxified, and secondly, all this «rubbish» should be eliminated from the cells. Clearways Formula 2 does the job.
tract of cruciferous vegetables, hillgrowing saltwort extract, potentilla extract, milk thistle fruit, Mongolian dandelion root, Siberian fir needles, parsley leaves, green tea leaves.
60 capsules
Recommended use: take two capsules each evening with food or water.

Clearways Formula 3 is a complex set of antioxidants of plant, animal and mineral origin. These unique natural substances protect cells from free oxygen and other hazardous substances. It is not accidental that antioxidants are considered both in modern medicine and in cosmetology to be primary anti-aging tools. Clearways Formula 3 uses all the protective properties of antioxidants and ensures triple protection of cells.
Composition:grape seed extract, raspberry leaf extract, blueberry leaf extract, peach leaf extract, calendula flowers, thyme, rose hips, citrus fruit bioflavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E , zinc, selenium, copper, manganese.
60 capsules
Recommended use: take one capsule each mornning and each evening with food or water.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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